In quarantine, my meals are normal because my routine is normal. My breakfast is fast because I have to work, it has coffee, milk, bread, butter and cheese. My lunch is a more complete meal, has rice or pasta, beans, meat or chicken and salad. I use the break to snack on cookies or bread or cake and coffee or juice and my dinner on weekdays it’s the same as lunch. My weekend dinner has pizza, pie, cake, and other snacks.

Yasmin Porfirio, English IV-401

My food menu and eating routine are very simple. I try to be as practical as possible because I live alone and I don’t like to cook just for myself.

Breakfast - I’m not in the habit of eating right after waking up. I need some time awake so I…

Breakfast: I drink coffee with bread or water and salt cookie with or without butter.I also drink coffee with milk, eat a cake or oatmeal.

Lunch: It depends on what my mother prepares; but I always eat some kind of meat or chicken accompanied by vegetables or salad, sometimes pasta too, drink juices and avoid soda during the week.

Afternoon snack: I drink nescau, coffee or fruit vitamin, and also a toast or water cookies and salt. I also usually eat my favorite fruits: apples, banana and papaya.

Dinner: At dinner I usually eat crepioca, which is made with egg, tapioca, spices to taste and a filling with cheese or chicken, fiber toast, vegetables cooked as sweet potato, aimpim or carrot and drink fruit juice or water.

By Joyce Fernandes da Silva, English IV — 401

October 6th, 2020 by Ana Clara Cardoso — Class 406

In this pandemic period, our diet has undergone some changes and this is related to several habits we have broken because of quarantine. Now that we can’t go out to eat, we need to get used to a different type…


My breakfast isn’t very varied. From Mondays to Fridays I make different sandwiches, sometimes with ham, cheese and butter, other days only with butter. I always have breakfast with coffee.

On Saturdays and Sundays my breakfast is better because I have more time at home, I prepare several things…

Hi, my name is Felipe, I’m 18 years old, I’m from class 408 and I like to do exercises and eat well. I am a person who likes to have healthy habits, actually I’ve never had bad food habits, I merely was sedentary two years ago but my eating habits…

In my routine, bad eating habits such as excessive fast food have always been a reality, however, since the start of the quarantine I have been trying to change my eating habits and practice physical activities to improve my health and quality of life.

During the week I like to…

By André Kelvin

Turma: 401 — English IV

What I eat in a day?

First, I usually have breakfast at 9 A.M. At breakfast, I eat bread with cheese and black coffee. Sometimes, I eat cereal with milk or bread with butter and milk with chocolate.

At lunch, it varies a lot according to the day. There are days when I eat macaroni with cheese, others when I lunch rice, beans with some meat and sometimes I eat pea soup and I always drink soda at lunch and dinner.

In the afternoon snack, I usually eat bread with butter and I drink black coffee.

At dinner, I usually eat the same as lunch, but sometimes I usually replace the food with some biscuits with soda or just a snack.

English IV - CLAC

We are a project developed by monitors and students at CLAC (RJ, Brazil). This semester, we are sharing our food menus while in quarantine.

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