For a new normal, a new routine.

The world has changed after the pandemic, many are working from home and carrying out activities they did not do before. As a result, customs are radically transformed and the need to plan food with quality rather than quantity, making it the easier priority to make food at a good cost-benefit ratio. At my residence before the pandemic, I didn’t routinely make food. Now with home office work, I follow a simple diet with three meals a day:

- Breakfast:

I tried to keep the same schedule as before the pandemic, I get up and make coffee and eat a piece of bread. I don’t eat much in the morning.

- Lunch:

At lunch with the help of YouTube, I learned to make some recipes that I didn’t know and sometimes I even dare to make more sophisticated recipes lol, but I prioritize the easiest dishes, of course, like rice, beans with some meat and vegetables. A few more times during the week I decide to give myself a well-deserved break from the kitchen and I prefer to order food nothing is easier than choosing the food and it arrives ready and the best thing is not having that annoying dirt in the kitchen to clean.

- Dinner:

At dinner I prefer light food, because I stopped my daily physical activities like gym and swimming. So, I prioritize whole grain bread with juice.

However, in order not to waste and make my life easier in the kitchen, most of the time I keep what’s left of lunch.

This is the routine that I adopted and that in the future after the pandemic, it will no longer be followed due to face-to-face work.

Healthy food choices will be made again at the restaurant.

Bye, Bye All …




By Leonardo Rocha Class 402.

We are a project developed by monitors and students at CLAC (RJ, Brazil). This semester, we are sharing our food menus while in quarantine.